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This is a complete listing of all Philips CD-i games and aims to become a resource centre for each and every release. Every CD-i Games title in the list below is hyperlinked to an individual Game Page where you will find further resources related to that specific game. From a preview shot of the games cover to information and game facts relating to the developer and release date of the game. The Games Archive will even contain links to relevant information concerning a specific title if The Black Moon Project has further Articles, Interviews or Resources related to that release. Game Guides, Boxart Scans, Catalogue Numbers, Retail Packaging including Limited Releases and Promotional Video Clips are but a few examples of the media available. Updated on a weekly basis this resource will continue to grow as the standard reference resource for all CD-i Games

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CD-i Emulator
The first fully functional emulator for Philips CD-i system has been released named simply as CD-i Emulator. From this official website you can demo a time limited release of the emulator bearing in mind you need the full original CD-i ROM (BIOS) in order for the emulator to function. Full support including player compatibility listings and details about how to obtain your CD-i players ROM is also provided.
Game Links
A Great Day at the Races
Alice in Wonderland
Alien Gate
Arcade Classics
Asterix - Caesar's Challenge
Atlantis - The Last Resort
Axis and Allies

Big Bang Show
Brain Dead 13

Caesar's World of Boxing
Caesar's World of Gambling
CD Shoot
Chaos Control
Christmas Country
Christmas Crisis
Cluedo The Mysteries Continue
Connect Four
Creature Shock
Crime Patrol

Dark Castle
Defender of the Crown
De Zaak Van Sam
Dimo's Quest
Dragon's Lair
Dragon's Lair II - Time Warp
Drug Wars

Earth Command
Effacer - Hangman of the 25th Century
Escape from CyberCity

Family Games 1
Family Games 2 - Junk Food Jive
Frog Feast

Girl's Club
Golden Oldies 1
Golden Oldies 2
Golgo 13
Great American Golf 1
Great American Golf 2

Hotel Mario

International Tennis Open
Invasion from the Planet Skyron

Jack Sprite Vs The Crimson Ghost
Jigsaw - The Ultimate Electronic Puzzle

Kingdom - The Far Reaches
Kingdom II - Shadoan

L'affaire Morlov
Labyrinth of Crete
Laser Lords
Link - The Faces of Evil
Litil Divil
Lords of the Rising Sun
Lost Eden
Lucky Luke - The Video Game

Mad Dog II The Lost Gold
Mad Dog McCree
Marco Polo
Master Labyrinth
Mega Maze
Merlin's Apprentice
Micro Machines
Mutant Rampage: Bodyslam
Mystic Midway - Phantom Express
Mystic Midway - Rest in Pieces

Name that Tune
NFL Football Trivia Challenge


Pin Ball
Power Hitter

Rise of the Robots

Sargon Chess
Scotland Yard Interactive
Secret Mission
Shaolin's Road
Solar Crusade
Space Ace
Space Ranger - Alpha
Sport Freaks
Steel Machine
Striker Pro
Strip Poker Pro

Tangram - The Ultimate Chinese Game
Tetsuo Gaiden
Text Tiles
The 7th Guest
The Apprentice
The Joker's Wild
The Joker's Wild Jr.
The Last Bounty Hunter
The Lost Ride
The Palm Springs Open
The Vision Factory Bundle Disc
Third Degree
Thunder in Paradise

Ultra CD-i Soccer
Ultimate Noah's Ark
Uncover Featuring Tatjana

Video Speedway

Whack a Bubble
Who Shot Johnny Rock?
World Cup Golf

Zelda's Adventure
Zelda - The Wand of Gamelon
Zombie Dinos

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As mentioned above the following is a list of all CD-i Games with linked Game Pages to further resources. Many of the CD-i Games, especially earlier releases are described as "Base Case Compatible" that is to say they are functional with all CD-i players. More recent titles take advantage of the Digital Video Cartridge (DVC) upgrade available to certain models of CD-i players as outlined on the ICDIA through comparison tables of Philips Consumer, Portable and Professional CD-i players on The Complete CD-i Players Overview. The majority of these digitally enhanced games would only work exclusively with an upgraded CD-i player although in some titles it was an optional requirement where the additional memory provided by the Digital Video Cartridge would add extra sound effects and generally enhance the gaming experience.

In addition to these resources the Games Archive also serves as a basic compatibility list for CD-i Emulator. Rather than provide an exhaustive comparison of Player/Game compatibility this will give a brief visual representation of each titles playablity under CD-i Emulator with further detail available from each Game Page.

Game Title (Links Game Pages)RequirementsCD-i Emulator Compatibility v0.5.2
A Great Day at the Races-Basic Support
Accelerator-Full Support
Alfapet-Basic Support
Alice in Wonderland-Basic Support
Alien Gate-Basic Support
Arcade Classics-Silent Support
Asterix - Caesar’s Challenge-Basic Support
Atlantis - The Last ResortDigital Video CartridgeNeeds DVC Support
Axis and Allies™-No Support
Backgammon-Basic Support
Battleship-Basic Support
Big Bang Show-Basic Support
Brain Dead 13Digital Video CartridgeNeeds DVC Support
Burn Cycle-No Support
Caesar’s® World of BoxingDigital Video CartridgeNeeds DVC Support
Caesar’s® World of Gambling-No Support
CD Shoot-No Support
Chaos ControlDigital Video CartridgeNeeds DVC Support
Chistmas CountryDigital Video CartridgeNeeds DVC Support
Chistmas CrisisDigital Video CartridgeNeeds DVC Support
CluedoDigital Video CartridgeNeeds DVC Support
Cluedo The Mysteries ContinueDigital Video CartridgeNeeds DVC Support
Connect Four-Basic Support
Creature ShockDigital Video CartridgeNeeds DVC Support
Crime PatrolDigital Video CartridgeNeeds DVC Support
Dark Castle®-Basic Support
Defender of the Crown-Basic Support
De Zaak Van SamDigital Video CartridgeNeeds DVC Support
Dimo's Quest-Full Support
Domino-Basic Support
Do you remember the 60sDigital Video CartridgeNeeds DVC Support
Dragon's Lair™Digital Video CartridgeNeeds DVC Support
Dragon's Lair II™ - Time Warp Digital Video CartridgeNeeds DVC Support
Drug Wars Digital Video CartridgeNeeds DVC Support
Earth Command-not tested
Effacer - Hangman of the 25th Century-not tested
Escape From CyberCity®-not tested
Family Games 1-not tested
Family Games 2 - Junk Food Jive-not tested
Flashback-not tested
Frog Feast-Silent Support
Girl's Club-not tested
Go-not tested
Goal!-not tested
Golden Oldies 1-not tested
Golden Oldies 2-not tested
Golgo 13-not tested
Great American Golf 1-not tested
Great American Golf 2Digital Video Cartridge Optionalnot tested
Hieroglyph-not tested
Hotel Mario-Basic Support
Inca-not tested
International Tennis Open-not tested
Invasion from the Planet SkyronDigital Video CartridgeNeeds DVC Support
Jack Sprite Vs The Crimson Ghost-not tested
Jeopardy®-not tested
Jigsaw - The Ultimate Electronic Puzzle-not tested
Kether-not tested
Kingdom - The Far ReachesDigital Video CartridgeNeeds DVC Support
Kingdom II - Shadoan Digital Video CartridgeNeeds DVC Support
Labyrinth of Crete-not tested
L’affaire Morlov-not tested
Laser Lords-not tested
Lemmings-not tested
Lettergreep-not tested
Lingo-not tested
Link - The Faces of Evil-not tested
Litil Divil™Digital Video CartridgeNeeds DVC Support
Lords of the Rising Sun-not tested
Lost EdenDigital Video CartridgeNeeds DVC Support
Lucky Luke - The Video GameDigital Video CartridgeNeeds DVC Support
Mad Dog II - The lost GoldDigital Video CartridgeNeeds DVC Support
Mad Dog McCreeDigital Video CartridgeNeeds DVC Support
Marco Polo-not tested
Master LabyrinthDigital Video Cartridge Optionalnot tested
Mega Maze-not tested
Merlin's Apprentice-not tested
Micro Machines-not tested
Mutant Rampage: BodyslamDigital Video CartridgeNeeds DVC Support
Myst-not tested
Mystic Midway - Phantom Express-not tested
Mystic Midway - Rest in Pieces-not tested
Name that Tune-not tested
NFL Football Trivia Challenge-not tested
Othello-not tested
Pac-Panic-Silent support
Pin Ball-not tested
Plunderball-not tested
Power Hitter-not tested
Rise of the RobotsDigital Video Cartridge OptionalBasic Support
Sargon Chess-not tested
Scotland Yard Interactive-not tested
Secret Mission-not tested
Shaolin's Road-not tested
Solar CrusadeDigital Video CartridgeNeeds DVC Support
Space AceDigital Video CartridgeNeeds DVC Support
Space Ranger - AlphaDigital Video Cartridge Optionalnot tested
Sport Freaks-not tested
Steel Machine-not tested
Striker Pro-not tested
Strip Poker ProDigital Video CartridgeNeeds DVC Support
Tangram - The Ultimate Chinese Game-not tested
Tetris-not tested
Tetsuo GaidenDigital Video CartridgeNeeds DVC Support
Text Tiles-not tested
The 7th GuestDigital Video CartridgeNeeds DVC Support
The ApprenticeDigital Video Cartridge Optionalnot tested
The Joker's Wild-not tested
The Joker's Wild Jr.-not tested
The Last Bounty HunterDigital Video CartridgeNeeds DVC Support
The Lost RideDigital Video CartridgeNeeds DVC Support
The Palm Springs Open-not tested
The Vision Factory Bundle Disk-not tested
Third Degree-not tested
Thunder in ParadiseDigital Video CartridgeNeeds DVC Support
Ultra CD-i SoccerDigital Video CartridgeNeeds DVC Support
Ultimate Noah's Ark-not tested
Uncover Featuring TatjanaDigital Video CartridgeNeeds DVC Support
Video Speedway-not tested
VoetbalDigital Video CartridgeNeeds DVC Support
Voyeur-not tested
Whack a Bubble-not tested
Who Shot Johnny Rock?Digital Video CartridgeNeeds DVC Support
Wordplay-not tested
World Cup GolfDigital Video CartridgeNeeds DVC Support
Zelda's Adventure-not tested
Zelda - The Wand of Gamelon-not tested
Zenith-Basic Support
Zombie Dinos-not tested

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